Can We Just Get Along?

The Difference Between Men & Women.


Men & Women are very different - DUH.

Many books and publications have been around for years about these differences.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps.

This woman NAILS the difference and gives you amazing examples.

Like I said, NAILED IT!

When we are able to understand where our partner is coming from, how they register information, and why they express themselves the way they do, it’s a game-changer in our relationship.

Does having healthy communication mean that you won’t ever have any arguments?

HELL NO, we are human. 

These things still happen. 

It’s learning how to have healthy arguments instead of big blow outs.

"Instead of attacking the other person’s character, happy couples colour inside the lines and express their own feelings," psychotherapist Vikki Stark, director of the Sedona Counselling Center of Montreal, told The Huffington Post. "It’s fine to say, 'I’m furious with you right now!' It’s not fine to say, 'You’re a sorry excuse for a human being."

Are you ready to learn how to have consistent, High-Vibe Communication with your partner??