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6 Months of Badass support and action to grow your empire!

Hey babe, I know you've been wanting more....

More success.

More happiness.

More flow.

More fulfillment.

Hell, you want it all!

You're constantly feeling this pull towards an up-levelling of the soul but you haven't quite found the right way to go about it.

But you're scared...

Scared to go all in.

Scared you won't succeed.

Scared it will be too hard.

Scared you're not worth it.

Scared you might mess it all up.

Scared to make a shitty investment.

You see coaches making SIX & SEVEN figures in their business and talking about how easy it is...

You're ready for your hard work to finally pay off so that things start feeling easy like you've been hearing it can be.

You're ready to start making money while you sleep and not trying to focus on WHEN the next client or payment will be coming.

Badass CEO Babe 

All The Mindset.
All the Strategies.
All the Concepts.
All the Support.

So that you can become your own Badass CEO Babe and run your own damn empire.

Starting and growing a business can be hella hard with the million and one things you feel you need to do.   

I can guarantee you that if you stopped focusing on 80% of the shit you're doing and allowed me to show you the 20% you should be focusing on, you will be a BADASS!

I will show you how to run your business and wear ALL of the hats like they were tailor made for you.  It will look like you have a team working for you in NO TIME.

You will learn to...

Think like a Badass!

Take Action like a Badass!

Influence like a Badass!

Create content like a Badass!

Brand like a Badass!

Create courses like a Badass!

Launch like a Badass!

SELL like a Badass!

Make Money while you sleep like a Badass!

Create a 6 or 7 figure business like a Badass!

This is for you if...

  • You are a Driven Individual who is ready to up-level your entrepreneur game!
  • You are ready to take action and do some scary shit!
  • You are not scared to invest in yourself even if you have made some shitty investments in the past!
  • Are ready to learn, grow, expand, and share all that good shit with your tribe!
  • Are ready to shift through the shit that's been holding you back!
  • Are ready to own your POWER!
  • Are ready to step into this fully!
  • Know that you are meant for more and know that elevated support is how you get there!
  • Understand that this shit doesn't happen overnight but with consistency & clarity, EVERYTHING is possible!
  • Know that you're already a badass but might just need a little bit of direction to OWN it!
  • Gem
    Are ready to create a 6 & 7 figure business.
  • Gem
    You have a special gift that the world needs and you are ready to share that shit!
  • Gem
    You know you are meant for MORE but just don't know where to start!

This is NOT for you if...

  • You want to show up half assed.
  • Think I'm going to do the work for you.
  • Not ready to take ownership of your own circumstances.
  • check
    The thought of investing a large sum of money to bring your business to the next level scares you.
  • check
    Don't want a tribe to back you up.
  • check
    Want to suck the life out of everyone's energy.
  • check
    Don't enjoy immersing yourself in all the goodness that is being provided to you.
  • check
    Think you can do half of what I teach you and run an empire.
  • check
    Aren't ready to let go of the bullshit stories that are no longer serving you.

Now that you're ready, here's What You Get...

  • 6 Months of FULL ON SUPPORT!
  • Step by step Business Building every week. Easy and steady.
  • Access to my tech team so that you don't have to spend time out of your zone of genius.
  • Gem
    Wealth Mindset Training every week – THIS IS SO POWERFUL!
  • Gem
    Everything you need to know about Mindset, strategies, online marketing and branding!
  • Gem
    Weekly Facebook trainings to keep you in a Badass state of mind.
  • Gem
    Bi-weekly group interventions to make sure we are clearing away ALL of the shit you don't need.
  • Gem
    Up to date trainings that are yours to keep FOR LIFE!
  • Gem
    An accountability partner to help motivate you alongside your journey.
  • Gem
    An amazing, hand-picked tribe of badasses just like yourself!
  • Gem
    Learn how to think and act like a 6 & 7 figure Badass CEO Babe!

Take it from me, I'm a forever client...

Working with Chantal has been LIFE CHANGING, literally. I came to Chantal as personal trainer who was exhausted, drained, unmotivated and sick all the time. I was unfulfilled with where I was in my career because I wasn’t living in my purpose. I had no idea of what wanted to do, but I had a light burning inside of me that I wanted to explore, outside of personal training. We worked though all my self-limiting beliefs and fears that have been holding me back, and discovered so much about who I wanted to show up as, how I was motivated, what my purpose is etc. I came to the decision that I wanted to be a life coach, it has changed my life! I am happy to say that I;

  • Successfully switched careers from being a personal trainer to a life coach in under a year.
  • Constantly show up for myself and my clients with high energy and passion
  • Only make decisions for my business that align with who I am and what I/my business stand for
  • I have the tools to help myself self-heal and get through situations with ease, whereas before, it would have been detrimental.

There have been ups and downs but she has been there every step of the way and I couldn’t have done it without her. I am currently still working with her one on one, as well as part of her “DO-ERS” Mastermind for entrepreneurs. Both opportunities provide so many teachings and learning experiences that I apply in my personal life and business every single day. If you are looking for a business coach to help you live the life that you know you deserve, feel safe to explore all options, be fully supported with your best interests at heart, challenge you to show up big everyday, and to ensure you are always fulfilled. She’s your woman! Take it from me, I am a forever client!

Ally Patras  //  Life Coach

I would not have gotten this far into my business without her support...

I am amazed at how far I've come in such a short time with Chantal as my mentor.  I knew she would be able to help me even though I still had so much doubt in myself.  However, the way I think about myself and my ability to run a business is changing in a BIG way.  I have much more confidence and trust in myself and my experience.  The voice that is saying "who do you think you are?" is getting quieter and my excitement and belief in myself as a coach is getting LOUDER.  I am learning so much more than what I hired Chantal for and it is all so valuable.  It's not only Chantal's knowledge and experience that helps me, I know that I would not have gotten this far into my business without her support, guidance, and motivation.  I would highly recommend anybody to Chantal if you want to see big changes in your life and business!

Lorien Masters  //  Life Coach

Next Round Starts in...


Hey future Badass CEO Babe, if you've read this far, know that this course IS for you.  From one Badass to another, if it's not a HELL NO, it's a hell yes.  Don't let your survival mode kick in and let your sneaky ego talk you out of it.  The sooner you say yes, the sooner you can be with your tribe.  One thing you need to know about me, I'm a fucking go-getter.  I will not stop until the job is done.  I will NOT stop until you are SUCCESSFUL AF.  As long as you promise me to show up, I can guarantee you some pretty sweet results.  So don't wait, Say yes to you and everyone else who is waiting for you to show up for them with your special gift. 

Much Love Always from your Badass CEO Babe,
Chantal xo

ps. 6 months can change so much in your life, are you ready to find out how far I can push you?

Pps. If you're still not sure and want to talk about it a little more, shoot me an email at [email protected] (serious inquiries only).